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Choosing the right belt

What should you look for when buying a belt? Follow the 4 steps and you'll be shopping for the belt that suits you best in no time.

  1. Decide which outfit your belt is for. Business outfit with trousers? Then choose a smooth leather or suede belt with a width of 3.5 cm. If you want to go strictly by the book, make sure the colour of your belt matches the colour of your shoes as much as possible.
  2. Going for a casual outfit? Then let your belt be a bit wider, for example 4 cm. Would you like an even wider casual belt? Check the size of the belt loops on your trousers.
  3. Would you like a leather belt? Keep in mind that cheap is often expensive. If you like to buy a new belt every year and want to change them a lot, you should go for a cheaper one. If you want years of enjoyment from your belt, then an investment in a quality product is worth considering. Our Italian Profuomo belts belong to the top segment. Find out more below.
  4. Finally, have you chosen your belt? Make sure you choose the right size. Not sure? Choose one size bigger, you can always have a hole added.
  • Suit size 48 - 50 = Belt 85 cm
  • Suit size 50 - 52 = Belt 95 cm
  • Suit size 52 - 54 = Belt 105 cm
  • Suit size 56 - 58 = Belt 115 cm

The right size belt

The origin of leather

How do you know if you are dealing with a good quality leather belt? For that you should know a bit more about the origin of leather. Leather is a natural product, made from the skin of an animal. For a belt, this is usually cowhide. This hide is 4 to 6 mm thick. The skin consists of 3 layers, namely the epidermis, the dermis, and the subcutaneous connective tissue.

In turn, the dermis also consists of 3 layers. Namely the vein layer, the middle layer, and a lower layer. These layers gradually merge into one another. You cannot distinguish between them with the naked eye. Only the grain layer is clearly visible. You can recognize it by the veins (also called greens) that are created by the hair roots.

The skin of an animal consists mainly of keratin. Keratin is a protein substance that is also found in hair. The highest density is found in the grain layer, the middle layer and the bottom layer contain less keratin. The fibers are somewhat looser here. The grain layer is leather of somewhat lower quality. It is often marketed with a thin finishing layer so that it looks like real leather.

Of course, the thickness of a skin differs all over the body. The skin on the belly is not as thick as on the head of an animal. When processing leather, it is important that the skin is of equal thickness. Therefore, the skin is split into 3 parts. The minimum thickness for the upper skin is 0.9 cm. The middle layer, the split leather, is leather of the least quality. A belt made of split leather can easily become cracked.

 Leather Belts Guide

When is a belt of good quality leather?

How do you know if you are dealing with a good quality belt?  The belt should fit smoothly in your hand, and the back of the belt should also be visibly made of leather. The belt should bend back easily if you bend it yourself. After wearing it for a while, it should not show any cracks. Regularly rubbing your belt with shoe polish will make it last longer.

The quality of leather also depends on the animal, the food it has been given, the environment it has lived in and its age. And, of course, on the craftsmanship of the tanner.

Most Profuomo belts are made of Tuscan leather, which is one of the best leathers in the world. Famed for its natural look. Profuomo belts are dyed in a natural way by means of plant extracts, for a very natural and masculine look. This way of dyeing is also not harmful to the environment. Even more reason to invest in a Profuomo belt.

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