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Wearing a belt or men’s braces

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The belt made its appearance in the Bronze Age and has therefore been regarded for centuries as an indispensable accessory to keep trousers up. Braces, on the other hand, only came into fashion around 1736. Which of the two functional accessories do you prefer? 

Wearing a belt 

Belts are worn by both men and women today. At, you'll find a timeless assortment of belts for men. Belt wearers can be divided into different groups, including the fashionable wearer and the functional wearer. The fashionable wearer will wear the belt more as an addition and accessory to his or her outfit. A functional wearer will wear a belt purely to keep his or her trousers up and will therefore be less sensitive to trends. 

The belts in our collection are of course according to the latest fashion trends and of a high quality. We also consider the functional wearer by offering a basic range of leather belts in the most worn colours; black, dark, and light brown. So, are you looking for a nice quality belt? You've come to the right place! 

Donts belts

Don'ts for wearing belts

Belts come in all shapes and sizes. One belt is even more striking than the other. A while ago we saw the trend of the brand Off-White where a kind of cordon tape in a striking colour is used as a belt and the more famous trend of Gucci, with a striking logo as a buckle. As far as we are concerned, these are trends that are better to skip as a grown man. Instead, opt for a timeless piece that fits your style perfectly. 

Besides this fashion advice, there are a few other rules that are useful to know. A man wears his belt counterclockwise through the loops of his trousers (the buckle is on the left). For women, it is the exact opposite (the buckle is on the right). 

By the way, did you know that a belt has 5 holes as standard? When you have the right size belt, you wear the pin in the middle hole. This way you avoid having too much leather left over or too little leather to put the belt through the loop after it has been closed. Fortunately, you can always have your belt shortened at a local shoemaker or clothing repair shop, or even easier, have holes added. 

Perhaps the most important rule for wearing a belt is: Wear a belt for the right reason, namely, to keep your trousers up and never in combination with braces! If you need two accessories to keep your trousers up, it might be time to buy a smaller size. 

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Wearing a belt or braces

Maybe you wear a belt every day and are now interested in wearing braces or vice versa. As you've read above, these two accessories don't go together in the same outfit. They basically have the same function, but both have a completely different look.

Would you like to make an impression or have a clothing accessory that stands out with your outfit? Then braces are the obvious accessory to steal the show with. For example, braces are available in various widths, different materials and many colours. The choice is therefore considerably greater than for belts. With braces you can have endless combinations! 

Do you prefer a simple and quiet look when it comes to accessories and don't want to be bothered with ties across your upper body? Then a belt is probably the best choice for you.

First class service. First class communication. First class products. What more can I say!
Tessa Eames
Excellent tie, silky soft material and extra long as advertised. Allows taller folk to tie knots that use more length.
Thrilled with the tie….absolutely perfect colour and quality. Service and delivery were without fault. About to order two further ties!
Tessa Eames
Excellent service and quality. I ordered replacement leather ends for braces. They arrived within a few days and I am very satisfied.
Sometimes the quality of on line purchases is not what is claimed. This company seems to be honest and what it says is what you get.
Robert Little
I attend many motorsport awards yearly and wanted some braces that were in fitting. These were just prefect.
Quality is of the highest standard and beautifully made. Very pleased with my purchase.
Order process was simple, delivered in a timely manner and communication was good.
I’d highly recommended and would definitely order again in future.
Julian Batten-Dale
I ordered a pair of braces for my husband as part of his Christmas gift. He was over the moon with them and they are of really lovely quality. The colours in the two-tone set I chose go really well together and he\'s already worn them multiple times over the holidays. Delivery was also very quick!
Ffion Williams-Cormany

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