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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. General is a tradename of E.L. Cravatte BV (Ltd). E.L. Cravatte is officially registered at the Chamber of Commerce The Hague, The Netherlands (nr. 54944937 ). Our company is based in the Netherlands: De Scheysloot 4 2201 GN Noordwijk the Netherlands. When placing an order at or one of the affiliate sites, you automatically agree with our general conditions, mentioned below.


2. Shipping Charges

The shipping charges are GBP 2,95 for the first article and GBP 1,00 for each extra article. The maximum shipping costs are GBP 8,95.


3. Quick Shipment

3.1) On the day the payment is received your order will be shipped from The Netherlands. Normally the goods arrive within 2-4 days. If any item ordered is temporarily out of stock, you will be informed accordingly. If you haven't received your order within 30 days, you have the right to cancel your order, unless another delivery time has been agreed.

3.2) Normally the goods arrive within 2-4 days in the UK, but always less then 30 days (see 3.1).

3.3) As soon as we have sent your product, you will receive a shipping notify from us.

3.4) If any item ordered is temporarily not available, you will be informed accordingly. In case you made a (down) payment already, you have the right to cancel the order. We will transfer the amount you already paid back into your bank account within 14 days.


4. Period of Approval

4.1) All your purchases at or affiliate webshops have an approval period of 30 days. You may return the product within this period without a reason. The product you want to return may not be used or damaged and must be returned in the original packing. Our hosiery and shirts may not be hold out of the package (because we cannot sell them anymore after they were held out of the package)

4.2) You need to send the product back in a stamped envelope to; E.L. Cravatte BV, De Scheysloot 4, 2201GN, Noordwijk, The Netherlands. The shipping risk is for the customer.

4.3) As soon as we received your returned product, we will transfer the amount including the shipping costs (which you paid us with your order) within 14 days.

4.4) We don't accept any responsibility for returned products damaged or lost during the shipment.

4.5) If the condition of the returned product is not the same as the condition, we delivered it in, we have the right to return only a part of the price of the product or nothing. Of course, we will inform you accordingly.


5. Delivery

Because most of our products are small, it makes it possible to send the product by mail (except belts, watches, some leather goods, and handbags). This means you don't have to stay at home to receive your order! Our products are packed in a protective cellophane skin.


6. Guarantees

6.1) Customer satisfaction is our goal at If any product does not meet your expectations, you may return it (within 14 days) for credit or exchange, subject to item availability.

6.2) The term of Guarantee is 6 months for our products, unless the shortcoming of the product is not caused by damage, theft, inaccurate use, negligence or be subject to wear.

6.3) In case of a shortcoming product (see 6.2), we will exchange the product, or you may return it for credit (or a part of the original price).


7. Prices

Our prices are expressed in Euro’s and are including 20% V.A.T.


8. Payment Conditions

8.1) During the purchase process you have the choice to pay in advance (by bank transfer), to pay by PayPal or to pay by credit card.

8.2) On the day the payment is received your order will be shipped from The Netherlands. Normally the goods arrive within 2-4 days. If any item ordered is temporarily out of stock, you will be informed accordingly.

8.3) If, in any case, we decide to deliver the customer the goods without a received payment (we will send the invoice after delivery), we will forward unpaid bills to our collection agency.


9. Customer Service

9.1) In case you have a complaint about our products or service you may contact our customer service at

9.2) We will react on your complaint within 2 days.


10. Circumstances beyond one's control

10.1) Circumstances beyond one's control are circumstances like strikes by transport companies or our suppliers, technical failures, or weather situations. We cannot be hold responsible for any damage if any of these kinds of circumstances happen.

10.2) In any case of circumstances beyond our control we contact our customer to find a way to serve you to satisfaction and to fulfill the order as soon as possible.


11. Rights of Ownership

The ownership of the delivered products will be transferred on the moment the customer has completed the payment.


12. All rights reserved All rights reserved.

Nothing on this website may be copied, saved or distribute without written permission from E.L. Cravatte BV.

Very happy with my tie. The colour and quality of it is excellent. Delivery was good too.
I’m very happy with my order, excellent quality and fast delivery.
George Federico
Prompt and courteous replies when asking for information regarding an order. The brown braces feel of high quality and look very smart. Looking forward to wearing them.
I\'m absolutely happy with my tie. The photos on the website showed exactly what I got. High quality product, good customer service. Thank you.
Nice, good quality tie, delivered promptly. Perfect for the posh party I was going to.
Keith Ellis
Excellent quality, great value for money & super service. Item arrived promptly & well packaged.
Very pleased.
Johnnie Bell-Kelman

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